If you want to drive forward sustainable change in your business, Think Inspire & Create Limited can optimise the way you deliver your strategy. The newly-launched consultancy offers an inspired service that supports businesses and encourages their people to embrace change.

Using a unique Think, Create and Inspire ethos, Think Inspire & Create Limited works with businesses, embedding cross-skilled consultants within companies, to facilitate creative thinking, set goals and find enduring solutions to challenges.

Think Inspire & Create Limited is committed to sharing its passion and experience in the following areas:

  • Operational design
  • Operational management
  • Process Management
  • Change management
  • System design and deployment
  • Credit management
  • People engagement
  • Performance management
  • Organisation design

Founded by business expert Hayley Monks, the consultancy shows business leaders how to inspire their people to achieve change. It is all about delivering each business’s vision. Think Inspire & Create Limited helps companies achieve this by giving them the tools and techniques to foster an environment which enables teams to think qualitatively.

Think Inspire & Create Limited helps each business achieve its goals by:

  • Facilitating a series of workshops in partnership with staff
  • Creating inspirational events
  • Helping businesses and their leaders to effectively coach
  • Sharing positive psychology tools

Hayley Monks is a highly motivated professional with a ‘can do’ attitude, who works with a team of hand-picked and highly skilled consultants. She has a proven track record in managing credit control and risk systems for a range of businesses and has led major transformations to customer services (B2B) at British Gas, among other major roles in corporate management.

She believes in creative thinking, and says: “By using our robust idea model you can challenge and develop your ideas in a friendly, open and safe environment.

“We will ensure that you deliver your solution by keeping you on track, hitting milestones and successfully launching and deploying your creation.”

For further information about Think Inspire & Create Limited, visit www.thinkinspireandcreate.com